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我们现在看到了大理府的全景 - 就象所有的中国城市一样,画面并不怎么生动……但西城门之外的一英里处正在举行一个季度性的集市(月街),展现出一片热闹非凡的景象。整个集市大约有5000个人,很多不是汉族,但秩序进然,贵重商品被放置在安全的地方……倮倮族人(即彝族人)在和掸族人交易;令人不解的是那些西藏人,他们是这片肮脏的土地上我们所看到的最脏的种族,竟然在与圆滑世故的广东人讨价还价……

(贝德禄 Colborne E. Baber,《华西旅行考查记》,伦敦,1882年)

We were now in full sight of Tali-fu – as unpictoresque a city as any in China… But about a mile outside the west gate the quarterly fair (yueh-kai) was being held, presenting a very animated scene. Some 5000 people, many of them non-Chinese, were present, and good order is evidently maintained, as valuable wares are exposed with security… Lolos were rubbing elbows with people from the Shan districts, and Tibetans, the dirtiest race we had ever seen in this land of dirt, where most of the matter is in the wrong place, were chaffering with sleek Cantonese…
At the upper end of the fair we found many varieties of goods from Tibet exposed for sale;… and an endless exhibition of the “omnium gatherum”, generally known as Chinese Medicines. Enormous dried centipedes, tied up in bundles, were in much request.

Colborne E. Baber, “Travels and Researches in Western China”, London 1882

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