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我们本来以为中午就能到达大理府,但我们很晚才离开那个座落在山顶上无数墓穴间的文庙;两地之间的距离大约有8英里或25里。道路宽阔,上铺石子,穿过麦田和罂粟地,在山腰上的另一边有一个个坟墓。罂粟地与墓地邻接在一起很相配 - 从鸦片到坟墓只需一步。很多人被安葬在那里,如果这些人没有染上那可怕的恶习(吸鸦片),他们今天也许能享受到上帝的阳光、新鲜空气、鸟啼声、群山和所有自然界中的美景。我们遇见很多人,这条道路上的交通的确很繁忙;这可能是因为一年一次在四月份举行的大理集市。

(约瑟夫•洛克 Joseph Rock,《日记、档案、植物园》,爱丁堡)

We left our Wen Miao on the top of the hills situated among innumerable graves rather late as we expected to get to Ta-li-Fu about noon; the distance is about 8 miles or about 25 li. The road is broad, paved and passes through fields of wheat and poppy, with graves beyond up the hill side. The poppy fields adjoining the graves a fitt setting, - one step from the opium to the grave. Many are resting there who, had they not been slaves to that awful habit, might today enjoy God’s sunshine, the beautiful air, the singing of the birds, the mountains and all that is grand in nature.
We met many people, the traffic is indeed heavy on this road; it might have been on account of the Ta-li fair, which is held once a year in April. The fair is on in earnest and in the afternoon I went out with two soldiers through the west gate. There were thousands of people, many Tibetans with medicines and old rubbish perfectly useless which they hoped to sell. Many temporary teashops and kitchens had been erected, where hundreds of people were fed with fly-bespeckled food, while pigs and dogs catched the drippings from the bowls out of which people sucked their food.
There was nothing sold of any interest only cheapgoods and junk.

Joseph F. Rock, Diaries, Archive of the Botanical Garden, Edinburgh

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