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斯拉登(Edward B. Sladen, 《从缅甸到中国西南部》,伦敦 1871年 (皇家地理学会会报,第41期)


This, in short, is the Valley of Sanda… Throughout it is richly cultivated, and presents an endless succession of villages, which either skirt the bases of the high land on either side, or nestle within
clustering bamboos on the margin of the Taping. The Taping itself – no longer a mountain torrent – has now become a broad placid stream, with occasionally well-defined banks, and anon shelving reaches of shingle or sandbank, as it winds its mid-valley course through the plain.

Edward B. Sladen, “From Burma To South-Western China”, London 1871 (Journal of the Royal Geographic Society, Vol. XLI)

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