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斯拉登(Edward B.Sladen) - 《从缅甸到中国西南部》,伦敦1871年(皇家地理学会会报,第41期)

The Taping River is constantly in sight; at times we descend almost to its bed, and anon it is roaring 2000 feet below us. It is, in this part of its course through the hills, a broad mountain-torrent, or rather a continuation of rapids, down which the water rushes with unceasing roar, and with a force which nothing could withstand, if we except prodigious boulders of granite, which lie occasionally across its bed, or hang suspended on its immediate banks, with an inclination that suggests an inevitable downfall.

Edward B. Sladen, “From Burma To South-Western China”, London 1871 (Journal of the Royal Geographic Society, Vol. XLI)

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